MCB Lite – Pass It On!

MCB Lite (pass it on) is a “socially connected” payments solution that saves you time and money. What’s more, the “time and money saved” is not just limited to you as these benefits extend to your “inner circle” – the 6 to 8 people you love and care about the most and the ones whose lives are interconnected and interwoven with yours.

We have demonetized digital payments and made them absolutely free of bank charges so that you and your inner circle enjoy the benefits of being on the Mobile Payments Grid without the worry of paying a charge every time you make a payment or access your money.

You only pay an annual fee and there are zero bank charges when you make payments and conduct transactions using your Mobile Wallet or VISA card.

You can apply for the Mobile Wallet either through phone; internet or face-to-face and the starter pack will be delivered to you shortly thereafter. It’s simple. We will help you setup and activate your Mobile Wallet and enable you to send invites to your inner circle using their mobile phone numbers.

That’s not all; from time to time you can win cash rewards by passing this innovation on to your friends and family to help improve their lives and in-turn aligning yourself with the “Go Mobile” cause.