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  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran, you are welcome.
  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran, from branch Rs.25000, from mobile banking Rs.100,000 from lite and from IBFT as per limit.
  • @imikhan1 dear Imran per day limit is of 25000 only via branch
  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran, cash in daily limit in level 2 is 200,000 rupees, from branch there is a cap of Rs.25000 cash deposit per day.
  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran, Its depends on bank's limit from which bank you do IBFT you have to confirm from the bank.
  • @imikhan1 Dear imran, you can recharge your lite account from different ways through litized branches, mobile banking, mcblite and IBFT.
  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran daily cash in limit in mcb lite level 2 is Rs.200,000.
  • @imikhan1 dear Imran, in mcb lite level 2 daily cash limlit is Rs.200,000.
  • @imikhan1 Dear imran, if you deposit amount from mcb litized branches in level 2 then you can deposit Rs. 25000 per day.
  • @imikhan1 Dear Imran, Kindly confirm from which channel you deposit the amount in mcb lite account?