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  • @shobz Dear Shoaib kindly confirm us your mobile number
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib what is the issue?
  • @faisalexec Dear Faisal, You can activate your lite card.
  • @ZahoorSolangi Dear Zahoor, You have to enter 16 digits account number of mcb in order to transfer funds successfully.
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, We can only confirmed that banks details on which you can transfer funds through your lite card.
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, We can't confirm the list. We can only confirm that list on which you can perform ibft through MCB LITE.
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, Yes.
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, Yes you can deposit money in mcblite from any other bank enabled for IBFT in which lite card option is available.
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, Yes,
  • @shobz Dear Shoaib, You can deposit money in your lite card through IBFT, mcb mobile banking and any mcb lite user.